Share an experience that you’ve had with someone from different culture.

My first job when I moved to Baltimore from Hyattsville was working to Martin West catering company. We use to host different kindly off parties, from wedding to birthday parties. one party that really got my attention was an Indian wedding. while setting up the room, the wedding planner and I had the time to talk while putting things together. everything that was use had some type of meaning to their culture. From the clothing they was wearing, to the chair the bride and the groom was sitting on. I can remember when it was time for them to eat, I was able to try their the fry vegetables. I never thought I could like any type of veggie, it was the best, from there I try their the chicken, which was nice. I basic try all their food, and I can truly say it was very good. from that night I learn that all culture are unique in it own ways. I try my best to be open to other people culture.


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