Commit a random act of kindness and describe it

when I was in middle school, I use to volunteer at a local nursing home around my way which I love. I wasn’t getting any pay back in return. I just wanted to help out cause they were always short off staff on the weekends. as time when by the residents started getting to use to me, even their family member would show love and appreciation  for my good work. one day one of the resident family member give me 10 dollar for all my hard work. I told  her I couldn’t accept the money but she won’t take no for an answer. so when my mother came to pick me up, I told her about the money, she ask me if I told the lady thanks, I told her yes. while driving I saw a homeless man on the side of the road I told my mother to slow down so I can give him the 10 dollar. after that little moment I felt so good about myself, it taught me the act of giving back.



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