What would you do with your winning if you hit the mega million?$$$$$$

If I was to win the mega million jackpot, the first thing I would do is to pay my tithes in church, next, I would try to change my address, not because I don’t want people coming to my home to ask me for money, only because I won’t be save there. after that I would try to go to my bank and open an off shore account and put half of that money in save. I would pay off all my debt (car payment, student loan and credit cards…..) after that I will start sharing money to my family and close friends. if I still have more money left I would try to buy some lands in my country and build homes to rent out. then come back to the U.S to buy a home and start a homeless shelter. if any is left, I would try to live my best life by going on vacation to all the counties I want to visit one day.


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