Apple or Android ?

I have always been an Android person since I was in middle school, but when I got my first laptop when I was in high school which was a Pc, I was in love with it. after 7 months of using the laptop, it started to breakdown with viruses, which was costing me a lot of money to clean up. I kept using it unit I had enough money to buy what I want. by the time I was done with high school I was also done with android. I was more into apple products by 2012 which I got my first iPhone 4s everything thing was good, to make it even better my mom and dad Brough the iPad and Mac air for me. this make me fall in love with Apple again. I was able to connect all my devices with each other. up to today I’m still using all Apple. I can leave my iPhone home and use my watch if I wanted to. all I’m trying to say is that all my devices are compatible with each other.


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