Share an experience that you’ve had with someone from different culture.

My first job when I moved to Baltimore from Hyattsville was working to Martin West catering company. We use to host different kindly off parties, from wedding to birthday parties. one party that really got my attention was an Indian wedding. while setting up the room, the wedding planner and I had the time to talk while putting things together. everything that was use had some type of meaning to their culture. From the clothing they was wearing, to the chair the bride and the groom was sitting on. I can remember when it was time for them to eat, I was able to try their the fry vegetables. I never thought I could like any type of veggie, it was the best, from there I try their the chicken, which was nice. I basic try all their food, and I can truly say it was very good. from that night I learn that all culture are unique in it own ways. I try my best to be open to other people culture.


If you could pass a law right now, what would it be, and why?

If I could pass a law right now I will pass a law that ban the use of hands guns. I would pass this law because the use of guns is affecting our society, and our children. now and days a person can carry a gun without have a license to carrying one. everyday when I get out off bed to start my day, my biggest worry is, I would be in the right place at the wrong time. it hurts me so much that I am afraid of getting hurt by a gun, because of this I have limit myself from going to certain places like the city of Baltimore. why should we live in fear in one of the greatest nation in the world. Our kids are dying due to gun violence. we are crying for help but it seems like our leaders is not given us their attention. passing this law would help this nation come back from so many issues that surrounding gun violence.

What is your pet peeve?

My pet peeve is me speaking to someone and they don’t answer me.  I just feel if I took the time to speak to you at least you can answer with a hi, hey or hello. I’m not asking you to have a conversation with me. it was just a courtesy on my part. exactly where I’m from entering a room or someone speaking to you and not answering is consider disrespectful. And this pet peeve of mine goes both ways, I don’t like it when someone speaks to me and I don’t answer either. it makes me feel some type of way, so I try not do that. I don’t try to hold something against someone if they speak or answer me because I know people mind be off at time, so I try understand. it just a pet peeve.

What has made you laugh the hardest?

I can remember this like it was yesterday. My Dad, me and my other siblings came to this country in march of 2003. during that time it was cold as hell , my dad decided he wanted to go to the mall, so we all got dress, my siblings and I dress according to the forecast. while sitting waiting for our dad to be done, we saw he coming into the living room with some muscles arm shirt and some short on, we told him that it was too cold out there to be wearing that. he told us he was ok. by the time we got to the bus stop ( about 10 mins in walking) my dad couldn’t make it without running back to the house. while running, people was staring at him like he was crazy. I could not stop laughing. it was the dumbest things I ever see a grow man did. this situation still makes me laugh today.